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is an independent non-profit organization whose goal is to disseminate accurate information about Israel.

The project is affiliated with the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel.

This website was created and written by author Hani Ziv.

Hani Ziv Ms. Ziv has traveled the paths of the Holy Land for many years, exploring its beauty and introducing its sites to tourists and visitors. Her intimate acquaintance with the land and its people has resulted in the writing and editing of essay rewriting service relating to Israeli history, its flora and fauna, the Israel Defense Forces and more.

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Joshefh Sa'ar, Baruch Gian, Amir Modan, Hani Ziv

Hany Ziv Published books

" The Road to Heaven, published by Modan, 1999. A stylish guide in album format for Christian pilgrims, produced with the cooperation of the Catholic Church of the Galilee.


Bnei Keshet - 100 Years of Struggle, published by the Ministry of Defense, 1998. Selected as a gift from the Chief of Staff for IDF soldiers and security forces in honor of the State of Israel's 50th anniversary. Over 250,000 copies distributed.


Sharav, published by Yedioth Aharonoth, 1991. Autobiography combined with a history of the Yom Kippur War, in which the author lost her brother and her fiance.


Path to the Horizon (Shvil Ha'ofek), published by Modan, 1999. A tour guide of Israel based on aerial photographs.


Child of Nature, published by Modan, 1994. Series of textbooks approved by Ministry of Education for teaching of Natural and Environmental Science in elementary schools.


Regions of Israel - The North, published by Choresh, 1996. Tour guide of northern Israel including 45 most important tour routes.


Children's books on nature and environment, Yesod, 1993.

1981 Established and coordinated nature study groups for the Society for the Protection of Nature in the Sharon region.


Established Our Israel (Israel Shelanu), tour, recreation and enrichment organization company, operating in schools within the framework of familiarization with Israel.

In October 2000 Ziv established the project for the dissemination of information. One year later, in October 2001, together with Prof. Yoav Gelber and others, she founded a non-profit organization under the name .
Ziv is currently developing a study kit on the subjects of Nature, Science and Technology for elementary schools in Israel's Arab sector, as part of her efforts to promote peaceful co-existence between Israel's Jewish and Arab populations.