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Israel is currently embroiled in a bloody war that has taken a heavy toll on the lives of Israeli civilians. Fathers and sons, grandparents and grandchildren, teenagers and toddlers, mothers and their babies - many have perished, their only sin being that they happened to be on the spot at the time of a ruthless terror attack.

It is our aspiration to tell Israel's story and bring her suffering to the attention of as broad a public as possible by means of the Internet. We hope to recruit communities worldwide that will help us to find a solution conducive to the security of Israel's Jews and Arabs alike.

We plan to promote the dissemination of factual information about Israel as well as to establish an informational center that will facilitate better understanding between Jews, Christians and Arabs. Furthermore, we hope to develop virtual museums dedicated to the encouragement of peace and friendship among the peoples of the Middle East.

We believe that the availability of marketing plan writing service is essential to all of the people touched by the events in the Middle East. Easily accessible information, that is both truthful and well sourced, is the most effective means to counteract the hateful and malicious propaganda that has targeted Jews and Israel alike. At the same time, the dissemination of such information will help to achieve the realization that the only way to resolve hostilities and achieve a lasting peace is by nurturing and building mutual understanding of and respect for the region's various cultures. But the key to understanding is knowledge.

This is why we believe that this website and others that we plan to build in the near future can play a crucial role in achieving the above-mentioned objectives. We plan to continue promoting the dissemination of factual information about Israel as well as to establish an information center to perpetuate closer contacts between Jews, Christians and Arabs. Furthermore, we hope to develop a series of virtual museums dedicated to a wide range of topics connected to the State of Israel with the aim of providing knowledge.

This project is affiliated with the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. Students from all over the world will work on research and help form the required databases for the various websites

Coming soon: virtual information centers on the following topics
Talking stones - An archeological museum about Israel.

Between war and peace - One hundred years of struggle. An in-depth review of the last 100 years, and presentation of the positions of the parties to the dispute.

Jerusalem - The heart of the world - An extensive source of information about Jerusalem; its cultures, religions, vitality and history.

The Righteous Gentiles - Honoring Christians and members of other religions who gave Jews their wholehearted support during periods of crisis and war, often at great risk to themselves.

Lost Jewish communities in Europe - Dedicated to the vital Jewish communities all over Europe that were wiped out during the Second World War.

Lost Jewish communities in the Arab and North African countries - Dedicated to the rich Jewish communities that thrived in Arab countries until the early fifties.

The Land of the Bible - The everlasting link between the Jews and the Land of the Bible.

The Middle East Portal

Flora and Fauna - A site dedicated to Israel's natural landscape and unforgettable sites, and the country's involvement in environmental issues.

A site pertaining to International Law

A site dedicated to national databases - Zionism (the Jewish Agency, the Jewish National Fund, etc.), the Holocaust, youth movements, etc.

Foundation is currently planning a project supporting students around the world who are conducting research about Israel.

We need your help and support to enable us to realize each of these important projects. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

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